Activity 2: Symmetry in PhotoBooth

Hello Parents!

Your first period today is Math.

Your task is simple:
  • Look around the room, and find or make 4 symmetrical shapes.
  • Be creative, let your imagination flow! Hands, legs or beanbags, anything goes!
  • Use the 4UP function to take the pictures.
  • Be fast, and then email it as an attachment
    • Subject of the Heading: Activity 1 - Symmetry
    • Please sign off with your name in the email before sending it.
  • Remember, you only have 20 minutes.
The first person to complete the task with the most creative answer wins a mystery gift!
Here's the 'technical' guidance if you like to refer to...

1. Drag the photo from Photobooth to the Desktop

2. Click at SAFARI to activate the browser.
Look for the following icon at the dock.

3. Login to your email, attachment your photo in the email and send to the given email address.
Remember to sign off the email with your name :)

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